Monday, June 22, 2009

The Winter Evening

As I laid on my back in the ice cold snow, he offered his mitted hand to help me to my feet. With an unintentional smile spreading across my cheeks, I accepted. Face to face, we each let out a giggle and turned to face our creations. My snow angel was considerably smaller than his, to which he didn't hesitate to comment.

We stood starring for a few moments as the cold began to tingle the tips of our noses, and the dampness of the snow began to make itself known on our backs. As the silence hung in the diamond speckled air, we each drew in a deep breath and individually relished in the mystery of God.

He reached for my hand, and held it for the first time. And we both stood standing.

Not needing to say a word.


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  1. Nice. Made me stop and think -- no small feat, mind you.