Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A little update

Life sure has been hectic lately. I think my biggest prayer at the moment is learning how to take life in stride. I think that it can become so easy to create a long mental list of the "have to's" in life. "I have to do this...." "I must make sure I do that..." etc etc etc. Do we ever think "I have to relax" ?

Lord show me how to rest.

I've spent the last few days moving into our new.....HOUSE!! Yes, you're reading correctly, a house! Not more than a month ago did I have words with the Lord about feeling like if I stay in LA I'll never be able to live in a house...well...I stand silent before Him. It's funny how sometimes it seems like the prayers we deem little and meaningless are the ones He chooses to answer to quickest. He shows us that He cares about every inch of us in so many ways.

Anyway, as soon as we are all settled in, we're planning on having a house warming party. And all of you are invited!!

All 12 of you that follow this...
(one of which is my roommate...and one of which is my boyfriend...)


Love you all.

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