Thursday, February 26, 2009

Astronomy, meet Christ.

God is so faithful.
I'll start by telling you, that I have been dreading having to take Astronomy for MONTHS. Not so much because it's a science class, or anything along those lines, but just because I figured this was going to be a semester long class of arguments of evolution and The Big Bang theory. Perfect.

However, things took an interesting turn today.....

I got to my Astronomy class early this morning along with a few other fellow early risers, where we were met by our teacher (who, let me just say, is VERY passionate about Astronomy). I was thankful to be let in the classroom early, because low and behold, California is not so warm in February. Go figure.

I took my standard seat and pulled my Bible back out of my bag and continued reading. Eventually the rest of the class began to filter in, and promptly at 8am our Professor began going over the guidelines for today's lab. Once we were turned free, my professor asked if he could please see me outside. What could I have possibly done already!?

I followed him outside and he turned to me and said,
"So....I saw you were reading a Bible....what religion are you?"
Me: "Ohh...uh..I just really love Jesus, I'm a Christian..."
"Me too!!" (high five)
Me:"No way!! oh my goodness! I have never met a professor on this campus that believes in God, much less Jesus!"
"Well, I have to be pretty low key about it here...unfortunately."
Me: "You know, my roommate is a med student, and she says that the more she studies medicine the more she knows Christ is real."
"Same here! The more I study Astronomy, the more I am convinced that God created the cosmos to humble us, just as Christ humbled Himself when He came to this world!"

So not only does my professor believe in God, he is actually a legit Christian!

Praise Jesus!


  1. That's awesome... God is so merciful to His children!

  2. That is so cool!! I love it. : )